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Zhejiang Xiaomoxian¬†Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive amusement equipment enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacture, sales, installation and service. It focuses on outdoor cultural travel, non-standard customized amusement equipment and non-powered amusement equipment; Adhering to the heart of the craftsman, obsessed with dreams, full of enthusiasm, dedication, pursuit of perfection, everyone is striving to become a pioneer of great craftsmen, and is committed to building a “China good reputation non-standard custom amusement equipment production enterprise.”

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  • What do we need to consider when investing in a children’s trampoline?

    What do we need to consider when investin...

    1. Project inspection To invest in any industry, we must first understand what the current market prospects are and whether there is room for investment. Therefore, preliminary investigation is essential. The project...
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  • What kind of outdoor slide is cost-effective?

    What kind of outdoor slide is cost-effect...

    Children’s amusement parks have always been loved by children, and a variety of amusement programs are becoming more and more versatile. Many kindergartens have also upgraded their equipment. Take slides as an e...
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