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Zhejiang Xiaomoxian Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive playground equipment enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacture, sales, installation and service. It focuses on outdoor cultural travel, non-standard customized playground equipment and non-powered playground equipment; Adhering to the heart of the craftsman, obsessed with dreams, full of enthusiasm, dedication, pursuit of perfection, everyone is striving to become a pioneer of great craftsmen, and is committed to building a "China good reputation non-standard custom playground equipment production enterprise."

Zhejiang Xiaomoxian Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. has four sub-brands: Pipi Monkey Trampoline, Lion King Non-standard Customized Playground Equipment, Elf AI Intelligent Application, Dacheng Garden Project; Pipi Monkey Trampoline Products: Indoor Trampoline park, Outdoor Trampoline, Large Trampoline, Combined Trampoline, Trampoline Hall Various types of trampolines and peripheral products; Lion King non-standard custom playground equipment includes: stainless steel series, wooden series, outdoor expansion series and other outdoor non-standard custom playground equipment; Dacheng garden project includes: gardens, parks, kindergartens, high-end hotels, Design planning and equipment production and installation of residential areas, playgrounds, scenic spots; Elf series products: various AI smart toys applications and supporting equipment.

Xiao mo Xian insists on customer-centric, responds quickly to customer needs, Continue to create value for customers and achieve customers. Providing customers with quality products and services is the yardstick for the direction and value of our work. To achieve our customers is to achieve ourselves. Integrity is our most important intangible asset, and Xiaomoxian insists on winning customers with integrity. Adhere to the road of innovation and development, design and develop more good products, in order to provide a continuous source of power for customers to continue to achieve "one cooperation, always cooperation", has been a long-lasting power source for customers to continue to operate.