What do we need to consider when investing in a children’s trampoline?

1. Project inspection

To invest in any industry, we must first understand what the current market prospects are and whether there is room for investment. Therefore, preliminary investigation is essential.

The project inspection should first investigate customer needs, understand the children’s base near the area of ​​interest, and determine which are your potential customers. Secondly, we need to investigate the willingness of parents to spend. By knowing the level of local economic development, we can know how residents are able to spend, so as to determine how to charge tickets in the future to be more acceptable and willing to spend. Finally, investigating the situation of competitors can help avoid falling into homogeneous competition and build your own unique children’s playground.

2. Site inspection

After predicting the prospects of the project in the area of ​​interest, it is necessary to consider where the store will be located. The venue is a prerequisite for opening a children’s playground. Investors need to evaluate the traffic conditions, pedestrian flow and business prospects around the children’s playground, and choose the most suitable place.

Generally speaking, it is a good choice to choose near large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, kindergartens, etc., popularity determines the income.

3. Decoration design

After choosing the location, you need to think about how to renovate. The decoration of the children’s playground should be from the perspective of the child. The theme style should be clear, the shape design should be vivid, the color matching should create a bright, relaxed, and pleasant atmosphere, and more contrasting colors. Only when the children like it can they be attracted to play.

4. Equipment selection

The popularity of a children’s playground is closely related to whether children’s equipment in the store is loved by children, so we need to pay more attention to the choice of amusement equipment. Comprehensive consideration of children’s age range, site size, children’s favorite items, etc., to meet the needs of different children as much as possible.

In addition, the appearance of the device must be novel and interesting, the configuration must be combined with static and dynamic, and the quality must be guaranteed. This can not only attract children but also satisfy parents.

5.Certificate application

If you want to open a children’s playground smoothly, you need to apply for some documents to avoid unnecessary troubles due to the problem of documents after opening. Investors need to apply for documents such as business licenses, fire permits, etc., you can consult the relevant local functional departments.

Post time: Dec-09-2019