What kind of outdoor slide is cost-effective?

Children’s amusement parks have always been loved by children, and a variety of amusement programs are becoming more and more versatile. Many kindergartens have also upgraded their equipment. Take slides as an example. If you purchase a new slide? What type of slides do you purchase? What is the price of the slides? Which outdoor slide equipment is the most affordable? All the directors need to know.

Slides are divided into customized and non-customized types. Due to different designs, the prices of slides are also different. Due to space constraints, many kindergartens urgently need to make a slide that meets the requirements of the site. The slide is composed of a climbing section, a platform section and a sliding section, and the dimensions are ergonomically away from the height of the human body, and the slide angle is also very elegant. The design of slide equipment should be designed according to children of appropriate age, and it needs senior designers to design it.

Slides can be large combined slides or small outdoor slides. The principals need to know how big a slide they need. It is undeniable that large slides have many functions and great Playability. There are many parts on the slide, which allows children to fully drill, climb and slide. Common combinations are: doors, bridges, slides, jacks, ladders, handrails, platens, columns, slides, climbing pipes, and rope nets. The small outdoor slide, on the other hand, has limited functions and few items for children to experience. The large free slide combination space is very large, which is definitely the child’s favorite.

Different slide materials also determine the price of the slide. Slide materials are divided into: wood, PE board, plastic material. The best wood is Yellow rosewood, the most commonly used PE board is pure PE board, and the plastic material is aluminum film. It depends on finding professional manufacturers to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various materials.

Different venues directly affect the design of slides. Generally, the venue is determined first, and then the size of the slide is selected according to the size of the venue. The main group of children’s parks is children. Therefore, in areas with high population density, it is suitable to set up a children’s park in areas where residents live in high concentrations, because these areas have more children. It also calculates in detail the local population income level, passenger flow and other factors, market research and location decisions.

In summary of the above analysis, how much is the price of indoor children’s slides? What is the high price? The key depends on the material, function and venue of the slide.

Post time: Dec-09-2019